Peter & Edmund's Pirate Adventure

Captain Barbarosa and Captain Skallywag were the bravest pirates in the Caribbean, but even THEY were afraid to go after the legendary treasure of Captain Snaggletooth.   That treasure had been lost at sea for nearly 200 years.  Those waters were protected by enormous crabs and poisonous squid.  
One day, the captains found that a couple giant rats had stowed away on their ship.  They were just about to make them walk the plank, when one of them spoke up.  “Captain Skallywag, PLEASE don’t make us walk the plank!  We can help you find the coveted treasure of Snaggletooth".   The pirates liked this idea, so they spared the rats lives.  They sailed together for days and days, and they all became great friends.  Then suddenly, Peter and Edmund spotted the squid and giant crab!  They immediately sprang into action!  They knew the treasure was near!
Edmund wasted no time; he was the first rat over board!  He was very fast and very brave as he lunged for the squid.
The squid lost the battle.  He was no match for Edmund!
Meanwhile, Peter was battling the giant crab.  It was a long fight, but Peter finally won!
However, a most unfortunate thing happened during the battles.  Captain Skallywag accidentally hit his head on the poop deck and fell over board.  Peter was especially devastated and cried: “Don’t go toward the light!  It’s not time for you to visit Davey Jones yet.  Stay with me!!!”.
Suddenly, Peter remembered everything he learned from his Red Cross CPR training and he was able to save the Captain’s life!!!
Peter and Edmund finally found the treasure.  The pirates had grown so fond of the rats that they shared the booty and made them co-captains of their ship!!  From that day forward, they spent their days sailing, drinking grog and basking in the warm Caribbean sun.


  1. I don't know which one is funnier - springing in to action or CPR. I laughed equally hard at both!

  2. Anonymous7:54 AM

    Oh my, Angie! This is absolutely the best one yet...I love the rat that's leaping through the air! How in the heck did you even get a photo like that? And, what was he really doing? Is he just being playful or what? And if so, is that what they are like all the time? You're making me more and more curious about these little pets and I'm beginning to want some rats! :)

    Oh! And I also love the rat begging the pirate not to "go toward the light". You choose the most perfect captions for these stories. It's my comic relief!

  3. This is great! You crack me up. I love your fun blog!


  4. Anonymous6:12 AM

    Great! I liked hearing that story. I bet you'll think of another great one soon!

  5. This is such a cute story, Angie! It really looks like the rats are doing and saying all the things you wrote about! You should write short stories for kids or something. It would be a huge hit - my niece visits your blog very regularly! And I think she's almost convinced her mom to buy some pet rats!

  6. i love the leaping!

  7. Thanks guys for all the comments! I love the leaping photo, too. There's no way in a million years I could have planned that. I was so excited when I saw it.


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