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This blog captures fun times with our silly pet rats.  They're unusually sweet, compliant and playful little fellas.  We have a great time thinking up stories and making costumes for them.  We don't harm our little friends, or force them to play; they get LOTS of attention and are treated very well!

Some of the costumes and props that we use come straight from Ringo's toy box. However, for the most elaborate costumes, we must give credit where it is due!  A few months ago, I found this photo on Flickr and thought I'd never stop giggling:

I loved the photo, but was even more inspired by the person behind the idea.  Karin, the super sweet owner of this flickr photostream allowed me to benefit from her creativity!  Oh, how I love people who dress up their pets! 

Thank you, Karin!  We've had lots of laughs, thanks to your creative ideas!

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  1. Hi, I'm interested in a fancy rat from breeder in NYC area. Can you help?


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