Rat Wrestling (Monday 4 Melanie)

This story is the first in a series called "Mondays for Melanie".  The goal is to help the Glatzmayer family raise awareness about their daughter's syndrome.  Melanie has CdLS.  Her amazing brother, Tommy, wrote a book called, Melanie & Tommy have 2 Pet Rats and 1 Syndrome.  More info after the story....

Rat Wrestling

Melanie & Tommy had always loved rats.  However, a new & unusual breed had taken the world by storm.  These new rats were HUGE!  Tommy & Melanie wanted one of them, but there was a long waiting list!

Their dad, John, heard of a rat wrestling contest & the winning prize was a GIANT RAT!  He entered the competition, but the whole family was a bit nervous because these rats were very difficult to defeat.   Let's see what happened...

Please take a moment to visit their website.  You may even want to consider buying their book; it's been a hit among kids and adults alike.  Nathalie and John Glatzmayer want help spreading the word about CdLS.  They'd also like to learn of other families that have been impacted by CdLS.

Please click here to watch a hilarious video of Tommy and Melanie's rats in action.  It's set to the James Bond theme song, and the rats seem to be some sort of international spies!  They're releasing a new rat video in June, so stay tuned...

If you visit our blog on (most) Mondays, you'll find a silly story about Tommy and Melanie, as well as information updates about the family.


  1. Very cute, he seems like a very laid back rattie. :)

  2. This could be a whole new kind of matador! Ole!

  3. Sarah Lynn: Yes, Edmund is so laid back that I sometimes get a little nervous. But, he's fine...he's just a lazy rat, prefering to hang out on my shoulder or fall asleep in the hood of my sweater when I'm doing chores. Although, he does get pretty excited when I bring out some of Ringo's more elaborate toys to explore. He just holds that energy in and releases it in bursts.

    Karin: I laughed when I read this! And I had a weird, matador dream last night...very bizarre. The animal wasn't a bull, or a rat, but an angry grizzly bear. It was a scary dream!

  4. Ok, Angie, this is officially my favorite post. I mean, I think it's the expression of the man...he looks so serious! It makes the story your wrote seem very appropriate for the poses. And, the rat...he DOES look bored. What the heck kind of doll is that? I have never seen a Ken doll like that. I hope that doll makes more appearances on this blog! Oh the funny things that can happen...

  5. Angie, thank you for writing about this family. Their page made me tear and smile. Rats have special powers I swear! And the video is hilarious.


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