Edmund's Strange Dream...

Edmund also had a strange dream last night. 
In this dream....
A crazy lady also forced him to wear bunny ears!
(I wanna give a shout out to Karin over a Flickr for these bunny ears.  Her creativity inspired us to make these for our rats.)
He fell in love with a beautiful witch who wouldn't return his affections....
He was being chased by an angry lion!

He was being followed by a bizarre bird-lady!
He found himself in the middle of a frightening war between two tribes of monkey/man hybrids!
He was mistaken for a pony.


  1. Yay, more bunny ears! :-)

  2. Oh heavens...this doesn't look like a dream, looks like poor Edmund had a nightmare. I am afraid I will have a nightmare after seeing the bird-lady photo and the scary monkey/man hybrid. But, again, the bunny ears...too precious!

  3. Tale: Seriously, I must get you some bunny ears someday.

    Laura: It WAS a nightmare for poor Edmund. I was a little spooked by that man/monkey hybrid and bird-lady, too. I thought to myself, "I must be awfully twisted to be thinking this stuff up". But, I'm sure I was inspired by something crazy that Ringo did at some point, so I'll just blame it on him.

    Wendy: Or, I'll just blame Bee for my twisted doll creations...she made some pretty creepy things when she was at our house last time. Heeee!

  4. A beautiful witch...what a concept...and to think it was unrequited love at that! Poor Edmund!


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