Easter Rats

We took some craft supplies to my mother-in-law's house on Easter.  Ringo wanted me to make him a set of these bunny ears that Karin (at Flickr) made for her cats.  Of course we decided to make them for the rats, too!  Even Dylan, my "I can't be bothered because I'm too cool" 14 yr old nephew wanted to make them!

This is our Easter Silliness:


  1. Tooooo cute! I think your ratties were much more behaved than Wiki Kitty who hated the idea....

  2. That's so cute!

  3. OMG! You succeeded! I wanted to do something similar for new years (as it was Chinese Rabbit Year) but only succeeded with my cats...this is amazing! :D

  4. TALE: Thanks! I notice you really like the bunny ears! I'll have to send you something for your ratties. We made too many things. My niece and nephew got in on the costume designing action and, whew, let's just say we've got all kinds of stuff around here: alien antenna, reindeer antlers, wizard of oz costumes, elephant ears, Mickey Mouse ears, the list goes on. If you give me your address, I'll send your little pals a cute surprise.

    Karin (Room with a View): I'm telling you, you need to get a rat, but keep it away from your cat. :) We need to go into cahoots and think of all kinds of crazy costume designs for pets. We'll take the world by storm! Hahaha!

    Rats, Bonbons and Dark Matter: I should send you some bunny ears, too! But, hey, at least you were able to celebrate Chinese Rabbit Year with your cat!

  5. Shrieks of delight here in my house! He's even wearing a dress with the bunny ears! Wow!


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