Peter's Strange Dream....

Peter had a very bizarre dream last night.  In this dream....
He finished reading his very first novel, The Great Ratsby.
A crazy lady forced him to wear bunny ears!
(I wanna give a shout out to Karin over a Flickr for these bunny ears.  Her creativity inspired us to make these for our rats.)
He sang his lovely bride a powerful rock ballad on their wedding day!


  1. He looks so cute with his bunny ears.

  2. Your ratties are adorable! :-)

  3. Hi. Thank you for comment. And I add your blog in my list :) I love your pictures so cute...

  4. Angie! This is awesome! The rat that's singing is a little scary though...he looks like he's actually angry. Eeek! Man, they have some giant teeth! And, those bunny ears...God, could that be ANY cuter??????

  5. Wow, you sure have compliant rats!
    I used to be a rat owner. Now I have cats and turtles (but don't tell your rats!).

  6. hey thanks for following!! your rats are gorgeous!!!! Georgia :)

  7. Anonymous8:03 AM

    my daughter is now obsessed...and of course is already asking for a rat for Christmas. I'm not sure our dog will agree.

  8. "The Great Ratsby"!! That's so wonderful. Thank you up to the sky for carrying on the Easter Ear concept in your unique and miniature way. I deeply appreciate your giving me credit. All blessings on you and your pets. Karin (roomwithaview)

  9. Karin: You're welcome! Thanks for being so creative and letting me steal your ideas. :)

    Anonymous: You're not anonymous...I know who you are...let your daughter have a rat, or else that poor dog is never going to get a break from ballet and batman!!!

    Sarala: Yes, they are quite complaint. Sorry, I already told Peter and Edmund that you dissed their species for turtles and cats. They were very hurt. They demand you adopt some fuzzy little rodents at once!

    Thanks Laura and everyone else for your comments! It makes this silly blog even more fun! Ringo especially lights up when I read comments to him. He is thoroughly convinced his rats will be as popular as President "Rock" Obama someday.


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