The Real Bob Marley?

Our first look alike contest:  Which is the REAL Bob Marley?




My awesome, amazingly creative 14 year old nephew, Dylan, made these "wigs".  I love you Dylan!  I can't wait to see you and embarrass you to death with my "old lady" auntie hugs.


  1. I think 'A' is the real Bob Marley. Millie agrees. Poppy thinks it's 'B'. So cute!

  2. Hi Gina, thanks for stopping by! Actually, Poppy got the correct answer! It was a tough one though. Tell Millie not to worry, there will be other contests. Peter and Edmund have been talking about Poppy and Millie alot and they would like the girls to appear our blog!

  3. Oh my! Is it just me, and the fact that my eyes are getting old, or do these rats really look like Bob Marley? My guess was going to be "A", too. But, looks like you've already given us the answer. This is just precious, Angie! I love how you were able to get your nephew involved; you're good at that stuff!

  4. Will the real Bob Marley please stand up?!?


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