Wizard of Oz

Ringo goes to an amazing, arts-based school. They've recently been learning about the Wizard of Oz.  Ringo's teacher does a great job of working his imagination, and her teaching style often sends him into a wonderfully creative frenzy.  Last night, that "frenzy" resulted in homemade Wizard of Oz costumes for our pet rats.  Here's the result...

The Cowardly Lion

The Tin Man

(He's supposed to be a scarecrow.  I think the hat looks more like a Sombrero)

The Wicked Witch of the West


 Toto (a very sleepy Toto)

Glenda the Good Witch

I saved the best for last:  Ringo's Tin Man costume! 

* Once again, I must give Karin over at Flickr credit for this because her creativity is what gave us the idea for these costumes!  Thanks, Karin!


  1. what gorgeous little rats you've got, and son of course!! :P

  2. Wow! That must be a really fun school. I can't imagine getting to study Wizard of Oz in school!! Ringo is so lucky. Sounds like he has a pretty amazing teacher to be able to inspire that kind of excitement and creativity in him. These costumes are absolutely precious!

  3. You are correct, Laura! His teacher is very good at exciting Ringo's imagination (but he doesn't need tons of help in that department). I can barely keep up with his imaginary world at times. You should see the amazing drawings he's done. It's a full series on Wizard of Oz characters. I know that Ringo is my kid and any mom would feel proud of their kids work, but Ringo SERIOUSLY has some talent, just like his dad.

  4. Anonymous1:53 PM

    I agree! Sounds like a great teacher AND a great school (and of course Ringo has a great mom to encourage it at home...). I'm curious about this school. I know that Ringo isn't going to a traditional public school, but is it a private school, or a charter school or what? This is really amazing. School would have been so much fun if we'd had that sort of environment.

    Angie, these costumes are so adorable. I especially love the Cowardly Lion. So sweet.

    And, just so you know...my sister FINALLY consented...she's letting my niece have 2 pet rats, thanks to your crazy blog! They are supposed to get the rats this weekend.

  5. These little hats are freakin' adorable! So creative and fun! I want to make large dog sized ones for Krasner (but she would hate me).

  6. Wow! I was not knowing that Ringo AND a small fuzzy had tin man costumes. Like me! All three of us is very handsome tin mans, I is positive.


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