Boo "Ratley"

Meet the newest member of our family: 

Boo "Ratley"!   

Cheesy name, I know, but it made me chuckle.  Boo's bright red eyes almost look demonic & could give someone a fright, especially if they aren't rat fans! 

Boo is quite adventurous, and very brave!  He dared to go into the mouth of a deep sea angler, and he lived to tell about it! 

Here's how Boo came to live with us...

We went to the pet store because we were running low on supplies.  I almost started to cry when I saw this little Dumbo (it's his breed, not an insult).  He looked so sad, and the store clerk told me he'd been alone for almost 3 months!!!  I know, I know, I know...rats need to be rescued!  I truly believe that going through a rescue organization is a great thing, but I felt like I was still rescuing the little dude.  Rats are social, and it's not good for them to be alone.  Now, Boo has friends, and best of all...he didn't become snake food!  I think that's quite a rescue!  

Ringo is the sweetest, most amazing little boy alive.  No kid can top mine when it comes to compassion toward little critters!  Had to throw a quick photo of him in here, after all....



  1. Awwww Boo is so handsome. :-)

  2. Thanks Sarah Lynn! I believe he's quite a cutie, too!


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