Happy Mother's Day!

This isn't a rat story on Angela’s blog. I’m her husband.  I've hacked in (with the help of a friend & covert ninja). We want people to know that the author of this blog ROCKS!  

Angie was a beautiful baby...

Who became a beautiful woman....

Who became a beautiful mother....

A standard snowman wasn't good enough for Ringo.  He wanted a snowdog.  Not a problem for Angela!  She whipped it out in no time at all!

Angela came up with an idea to go on a treasure hunt at the beach a few years ago. We buried a small box full of fun jewels and pirate coins and marked it with a big “X” on the ground.  I created a fake map showing how to get to the treasure from the beach house. As part of the authenticity, she arranged for a clerk at a local Pirate Museum to “sell” us the map earlier in the day when we visited the museum. From Ringo’s perspective, it looked as though we just started asking the clerk about pirates and she just happened to have an old map to sell us. And sure enough, later that day, we recovered the legendary treasure of Snaggle-Beard.  Ringo had a blast and our treasure hunt has become a yearly tradition.  Maybe he knows by now that it isn't real but he’s not talking. 

This is a sample of what she puts in Ringo's lunch box each day!  
She's always making people laugh...

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Fun facts about this amazing wife, mom & friend:

* Angela & Ringo share an unusually strong love of animals. They are kindred spirits! 

* She magic!  When Ringo was younger, he’d become inconsolable when he’d get minor scuffs & bumps.  She created the “Magic Kiss” which could probably even heal a broken arm!  It required Ringo to press Angela’s elbows to charge the magic.  Once there was enough magic flowing through her arms, she'd kiss the boo-boo & tickle him until he couldn’t stand it any longer. Complete recovery was almost immediate. Even though he’s a little too old for that nowadays, he’ll sometimes exaggerate the severity of his pain to get a Magic Kiss.

* Speaking of magic, it’s all real to Angela.  Even when she sees a movie about magic, she often doesn't believe that tricks and special effects were used. Once, a friend did a card trick for her. He asked her to pick a card from a deck, memorize it, and place it back in the deck. After he shuffled, he laid all of the cards face up on a table and asked her to find her card.  It wasn’t there!  He asked her to check her pocket, and of course it was there.  She freaked out, and immediately reeled back in disbelief.  How does this make her a good mom?  Well, she has an amazing ability to suspend disbelief and enter a child’s world of imagination.  This allows her to connect with Ringo in a way that few other adults can connect with their children.

 Happy Mother's Day!  We Love You!


  1. awww! beautiful post, made my day!! :)

  2. Anonymous5:55 AM

    I've been visiting your blog for over a month now, but I'm lazy about leaving comments. I enjoyed reading this and felt like today was the day to say hi. I came across your blog by accident when I was looking for antique tractor parts. I still can't figure how this blog popped up in the search results. I have to be honest. At first, I was freaked out that someone kept pet rats. But I was curious about the fact that they seem to be such playful and compliant pets. I love the stories and photos; it always makes me smile to see you've posted a new entry. It is fascinating, to say the least. My wife still doesn't like it. She wants to like it, but even a cute rat wearing a hat or playing a tuba makes her squeal in fright. I have to say just one note thing.I don't know why, but I expected you to look nothing like this. I agree with your husband. You're quite pretty.


    A farmer who's confused by his sudden fascination with rats.


    You are one of the sweetest people I have ever had the pleasure to know. Your heart is pure gold. Being a mother is definitely your calling! I so admire your playful and imaginative ways. Ringo will remember his childhood with such fondness. What a wonderful man he will be, having had this truly magical upbringing.

    We love you girl. YOU ARE AMAZING!!!

    Enjoy your day with the boys. :)

    wj & fam

    (PS -- this soooo made me cry! you're awesome, too, jeffy!!!)

  4. To one of the best Mom's I know!!! Angela has amazed me over the years - I knew motherhood would come naturally to Angela- she has loved and cared for countless children (her friend's children, hundreds of children at her church, and even children she's never met). Angela has a heart of gold and there's no way to describe her awesomeness as a mother without getting sappy or sentimental. Ring is one lucky kid - he has one of the most imaginative, thoughtful and creative Mom's out there! I want to celebrate you Angela! You're suck a kick-ass mama you deserve a whole Mother's Week!
    Love - betsey

  5. Anonymous2:16 PM

    Our family follows your blog, but we've never commented. It's neat to learn more about the person who writes these crazy stories. We love your son's name! We also enjoy your blog, but our kids are obsessed with it!

    You have very thoughtful husband!

    Happy Mother's Day, from a random family...

  6. Happy Mother's Day to an amazingly loving mom and wife to her son and husband. You really are something very special Angela. I love you, your friend, Sheila W

  7. Way to go, Jeff! You get serious points for this one!!!! Angela, I still remember how well you loved and embraced our family during the summer when were in Winston. You loved my son so well. His disability was never an obstacle for you. You got right in there, got to know him and educated people about how to care for him. You are amazing. You are still very precious to us and we think of you often.

    Happy Mother's Day!! Ringo is one lucky kid. And Jeff's very lucky to have you for a wife!

    Laura, John and Andy

  8. Anonymous6:19 PM

    Hi! I, too, am guilty of never commenting, but who could resist with such a sweet blog entry! What a sweet husband you have. I love your blog. I actually stumbled across it when I was looking up information on Bob Marley. I wasn't expecting to find a Bob Marley look alike contest, featuring rats. But, I couldn't click away. I ended up looking over your entire blog in one night. Very creative stuff. Your child is a very lucky kid.

  9. Anonymous7:42 PM

    Angie (a.k.a= Elly May Clampett from the Beverly Hillbillies)

    I just wanted to say Happy Mother's Day! I am so glad to have you in my life! I will never forget all the ways you've made me laugh over the years, especially when things were so dark for me. You have always been so compassionate toward animals (and kids!).

    I remember the time you "rescued" a turtle from the school grounds. You wanted to keep him for a pet, so you just picked him right up, put him in your backpack and snuck it on the school bus. You made it seem like such a logical thing to do!! I even remember you painting his shell all kinds of crazy colors.

    I also remember coming home from school with you one day. You fixed us both a snack and made sure to prepare separate snacks for your pets, too. I remember there was a GIANT rabbit that you placed on your lap. It was seriously the biggest rabbit I have ever seen. Two birds, which you perched on your shoulder, and a dog at your feet. You just hand fed them a snack right along with us. It's like they were little people worthy of a seat at the table.

    You're a great mom. Ringo is definitely inheriting your unusual kinship with animals. It is so sweet to see that those qualities haven't changed. I love this blog. I love how you can hang on to that childlike side...it's as alive as ever. That will keep you young beyond your years, my friend. Don't lose that sweet charm of yours.

    Love you!

    P.S. You were truly a beautiful baby!

  10. Angela, You are a fantastic mom and friend. I still think of how well you loved my family when our dog, Lucy, died. No one was a compassionate and loving as you. Your love for animals, your creativity and your abundant love for your family are gifts to them and to those who watch you. Happy Mother's Day to a very blessed woman--even when you don't feel it.


  11. Anonymous9:21 AM

    Wonderful!! Made my day. You are a truly special family. It is so nice to see people genuinly trying to be happy : )

  12. Angie, from what I read on your blog and comments you've left on my blog, I adore you. I was convinced you were a great mother&wife&person, but this post from your husband confirmed it all!

    And Jeff, this post was an awesome idea :)

  13. Anonymous10:00 AM

    Like the farmer's wife, several comments above, I am dreadfully frightened of rats. But I can't help but be drawn to your blog, and also to you. It's amazing how you weave stories into these photos, and the photos themselves are fascinating. I don't understand how they are so willing to be dressed up, and how they look so calm in the process. This blog is entertaining, but I love how you're also using it to help a family raise awareness about their daughter's disease. And I linked to the hero rats site from your blog. It is wild to learn that rats are doing humanitarian work in Africa with landmines!!! So, I think I'm beginning to fear rats less and less. I'm definitely not going to go out and buy pet rats, but I will probably follow your blog for a long time to come. Everyone in my department at work reads it. My supervisor's daughter has even started dressing up her dogs and writing stories about them because she was so inspired by this blog.

    You have a vibrant imagination, and based on all your friends comments, you must be an amazing mother and wife.

    Happy belated Mother's Day!


    P.S. I love that you named your kid Ringo!

  14. Angie,

    I love your blog, that you adore your rats, that you play so very hard with your sweet boy. You have more patience and creativity than I do! You are amazing!

    It's so very sweet of you to write this post, Jeff!

    See you soon!


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