Trapped in Forest (Monday 4 Melanie)

Tommy & Melanie decided to take a walk through the forest.  They were having a great time until, suddenly, a cage (intended for a deer) dropped from a tree!  Poor Melanie was trapped!  The kids were afraid, but Tommy never left Melanie's side.  They started yelling for help, and wouldn't you know it - Peter just happened to be passing through Canada!!  Everyone knows how freakishly well rats can hear.  So, within the blink of an eye, Peter was on the scene and he freed Melanie from the cage! 

 "Hey kids, don't you worry, I'll 
have you outta there in a jiffy!"

 That's not the end our tale!  Peter decided to walk with the kids to see that they got home safely.  Rats have GREAT sniffers.  It's a good thing, because Peter smelled danger!  He realized a nasty snake had been following them!  Everyone knows that snakes & rats don't mix.  Luckily, Peter has serious rat ninja skills and this snake was no match for him!  Hip Hip Hooray!  Peter saved the day!

"You take that, Mr. Snake!  Don't you
mess with me or my friends EVER again!" 

* Mondays for Melanie is just a silly, fun way to help a special family create awareness about their daughter's syndrome.  Click to this blog post to learn more.

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