Storm Troopers

Henry's Storm Trooper Costume:

Ringo's Storm Trooper Costume: 
(Ringo was frustrated with his finished product. It was a bit too small for the rats, but he's working on a "new and improved" version - as you can see from the last photo!  Ringo has a sudden fascination for Star Wars, thanks to his friend, Aiden.  Aiden is his hero.  Ringo says Aiden knows absolutely everything there is to know about Star Wars!)

 I must end this post by mentioning that Ringo lives for all things related to Star Wars. He even makes light saber, sword fighting sounds - IN HIS SLEEP


  1. I love the ratty Star Wars outfits! :D

  2. Boo is freaking me out! He looks like he could shoot laser beams out of his beady little eyes!

  3. Tale: Thanks!

    Betsey: I think he can, he was probably one of Darth Vader's new, upgraded clone troopers. I wouldn't want to meet up with him in the Galactic empire. Uh uh! You're so cute, Betsey, I knew Boo would spook you with those eyes!

  4. even if the little costumes are too small, they're so perfect! also, as somebody who was obsessed with star wars when i was ringo's age, i have to say i am impressed and he's definitely on the right track! :P <333


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