Happy Father's Day

 What Jeff would look like, if he were a rat:

A Father's Day Interview with Ringo:

Me:  "What is your absolute most favorite thing about daddy?"

Ringo:  "He takes me to Panera, and it's really fun." 

Me:  "What's the funniest thing daddy does?"

Ringo:  "How he sometimes does like this....fffflllllltttttt."  (makes a fart noise...)

Me:  "What do you like most about the way daddy looks?"

Ringo:  "I like his eyes, really a lot.  They sort of look like mine.  Sort of.  I also love a lot more about him, too.  There is too much to tell you, it would make me too tired."

Me:  "What does daddy know a lot about?"

Ringo:  "Drawing.  He knows more than everybody about drawing.  He knows a lot about outer space.  He also knows a bunch of stuff about the inside of bodies like bones and blood and brain and hearts.  And, lungs, too." 

Me:  "What kind of special thing would you like to do with daddy some day?"

Ringo:  "I want to go with him, you know, to that, um....we're really close to that place.  It's just down the street, go forward, a little bit up, and then you can find all kinds of old things.  Really, really old things.  Like old guns and stuff.  He would love to look over there because he loves old stuff.  I remember...it's Old Salem.  I want to go there with daddy."

Me:  "What does daddy do at work?"

Ringo:  "Maybe he works sometimes.  I don't know."

Me:  "What do you think daddy thinks about most of the time?"

Ringo:  "Puppies, I think."

Me:  "If someone gave daddy one magic wish, and he could do anything he wanted, what would he do?"

Ringo:  "Take me to the toy store and he might let me buy a Storm Trooper costume, maybe."

Me:  "What is your favorite memory of daddy?"

Ringo:  "When daddy takes me to the Fort (Fort Macon) and the Pirate Museum at the beach.  I love to see the canons and all the things that pirates use."

Me:  "If you had a $1,000,000.00 and you had to spend it all on daddy, what would you buy for him?"

Ringo:  "I would buy him a puppy dog, tools, and a kitty, and I would buy him a beach.  We would go to a little store and they would have pirate ships, you know the kind I'm talking about?  They are really big and made of wood.  You know.  A real pirate ship.  That is what I would buy for daddy."

Me:  "Tomorrow is Father's Day.  It's a good day to tell daddy that you love him and that you're thankful for him.  What do you want to say?"

Ringo:  "Thank you for letting me go to the beach every summer, for letting me stay up late and for sometimes letting me do things that mommy won't let me do."

Happy Father's Day!

BEACH 2005

BEACH 2006
BEACH 2007
BEACH 2008
BEACH 2009
BEACH 2010


  1. Angela! This is so sweet! I hope it's okay, but I'm borrowing your list. LOVE LOVE LOVE the Star Wars costumes. The kids had a giggle fit over them! xoxo


  2. Of course you can use the list! I'm glad the kids like the costumes...I especially love imagining their giggle fit. They do have some mighty sweet giggles! Which reminds me....Agh! I still haven't send you their rat photo shoot photos from last month. I'm dreadfully behind on life, in general.

  3. aw beautiful post guys, what a great idea to interview, you'll laugh when you look back on that together in a few years time!! And love the beach shots, its so awesome to see kids change :)
    Hope Jeff had a good Fathers day,


  4. Super cute!

    Me: "What do you think daddy thinks about most of the time?"

    Ringo: "Puppies, I think."

    This made me giggle.

    Found your blog from you link on Goosemoose. I'm strangeduck over there! I look forward to seeing more pics!

  5. Your son is PRECIOUS! I love all of his answers, they made me smile a lot. :)

  6. Thanks, Vixie and Laura! I had a great time interviewing Ringo for this post. It was really sweet and just a fun peek into a child's thought life! I really cracked up when Ringo said he thinks Daddy always thinks of puppies.

    And to Must.Love.Rats: You're right! We will have a great time looking back on this through the years. Your comment made me take a second look at the pictures, because I wasn't really thinking about all of this changes as I posted this. He has, indeed, changed a lot. Too fast, actually, and it breaks my heart in a way that I just cannot describe. But, that's the struggle that any parent has, I suppose.


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