"Rrrrrrr rrrraaaahhh rrrrrrggghhhhnn."  
- Chewbacca 


  1. Chewbacca way to take out all those stormtroopers! Rrrraaaaagggghhh

  2. Anonymous4:00 PM

    Hope gnawed at my heart like a hungry rat,
    Ran in and out of my dreams high-walled,
    I heard it's scampering feet:
    "Pretty rat--pretty rat--!" I called,
    And crumbled it songs to eat.
    Hope peeped at me from behind my dreams,
    Nibbled the crumbs of my melodies,
    Grew tame and sleek and fat;
    Oh, but my heart knew ease,
    To feel the teeth of my rat!
    Then came a night--and then a day--
    I heard soft feet that scuttled away--
    Rats leave the sinking ship, they say.

    -- Leonora Speyer


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