Knights of the Rat Table

Sir John of Canterbury got word that the most dangerous dragon in all of Europe had arrived in the village.  He and his fastest rat prepared to meet the beast head on to keep the village safe.
"Prepare to meet your doom, dragon!"
"Charge, Peter!  We must defeat him!"
Peter couldn't fight because he was too busy eating snacks!  So, Sir John of Canterbury took his 2nd fastest rat, Edmund, to help him slay the dangerous dragon.
"Take that, you horrible beast!  Leave our village at once!"
Sir John of Canterbury was no match for the dragon.  However, his trusty side kick, Edmund, wouldn't go down without a fight.
Edmund had no luck, so Peter stepped in and defeated the dragon. He saved the whole village!


  1. You have the coolest toys! (and rats!)


  2. Anonymous7:59 AM


  3. I agree with Kristi! You have the most amazing toys!

  4. Thanks! Kristi, you should bring Slate and Ella over to play with our cool toys (and rats!).


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