Snack Bandits of KooKoo Town

There were once two rats (a brother and sister) named Johnny and June. They were snack bandits in search of yummy food and they went from town to town wreaking havoc on the locals.  These were no ordinary rats; they were GIANT mutations!  There wasn't a man, woman or child who hadn't heard of them! One day, they made their way to the town of KooKoo. This town was was special because they didn't want to exterminate the rats.  They hoped the Johnny and June would come to love KooKoo Town and stay to protect them from dangerous outlaws. Well, those snack bandits wouldn't be won over easily. There were many battles between the rats & locals.  Lots of tears were shed and lots of boo-boos were sustained.  But in the end, the townspeople earned favor with the rats, and a sweet romance was born between June & the local sheriff. 

June is about to steal her first treat from a citizen of KooKoo town.
These bandits are eating yet ANOTHER stolen snack!
Oh No!  Johnny smells cake!
Some folks wore helmets to protect 
themselves from rat bites!
Johnny gave this poor horse a bad boo-boo!!
Johnny even looked up this lady's dress!  How rude!
This was the town's biggest battle with 
Johnny and June.
One day, a truce was made....
... and everyone in town eventually grew 
to love these giant rats!
Johnny changed his ways.  He let the children of 
KooKoo town ride on his back!
Johnny says sorry and gives this little girl a kiss.  After all, he did steal her candy!!
Johnny's heart softened; he apologized to every single person he had wronged.
Time passed.  Hearts (and bite wounds) healed.  Everyone forgot about Johnny & June's outlaw days.  But that's not the end of our tale!  A sweet romance was born between June & Sheriff Augustus.  This beautiful wedding ceremony was a reminder that the war between the rats and locals had finally come to an end! 


  1. I've read this story via your Picasa account several times, and it still makes me howl with laughter. Will you take special requests stories? My niece wants you to write a story about a rat mermaid.

  2. This is hilarious! I love it! Job well done! Keep up the good work!

  3. Anonymous8:09 AM

    Angie, Angie, do you come up with this crazy stuff?

  4. Thanks, guys! Yes, Laura, we'll take some special request stories...just have your niece submit them to: . I can't promise when we'll get around to it, but we will one of these days.

  5. Alicia12:17 AM

    "Johnny even looked up this lady's dress! How rude!"

    That was the best part. SUCH a guy, eh? Wish I could get my boys to attire themselves and pose for pictures.


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