#25 - Fonzie

25th Day of Halloween: Fonzie

We're having some special guests on our blog for the Halloween countdown!  There are lots of creative people with some very compliant pets out in the world.  I found this fabulously creative and hilarious pet owner over at Flickr.  Ringo and I were looking at her photostream, and absolutely could NOT pull ourselves away from the computer.  She gave me permission to share them, via the blog.  I love people like her...we all need something to make us giggle, especially in a world that has become way tooooo serious!  There are plenty of troubles to be had, but we have to find the small things that make us smile!  Amen?

Click here to see more of her work: 

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  1. Anonymous1:11 PM

    OH MY GOODNESS! This is absolutely, freakin' awesome! And, I say "AMEN, SISTA!"! There's too much going on in the world, it's enough to make one want to give up some days. Bring out the silliness and laughter. We need more of this stuff! I love your blog!

    Kathy, from Tennesee


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