#24 - Mondays for Melanie

24th Day of Halloween: Mondays for Melanie

Life has been crazy for our family these past few months, and I haven't done a good job keeping up with my "Mondays for Melanie" segment.  I hope to get back to it ASAP.  This wonderful family continues to be in my thoughts on an almost daily basis, so I wanted to do a quick post to highlight their desire to create awareness about their daughter's rare disease. 

Every member of this family, and many folks from their community have tenaciously and lovingly advocated for Melanie.  Our family originally connected with the Glatzmayers' through our common love for pet rats, and we want to help them raise awareness about a very rare disease called CdLS.  

Melanie's pet rat has been a very important part of their journey.  In fact, her brother wrote this precious book called, Melanie & Tommy have 2 Pet Rats & 1 Syndrome.  It's always wonderful to meet others who know that these little critters are fascinating, intelligent, affectionate and playful pets.  We also know how sad it can be to lose a furry friend.  So, for this post, I thought I'd include a couple photos from Melanie's blog.  The first photo captures their halloween playfulness.  The second captures a very heart-warming farewell ceremony after Melanie's pet rat (Cinderella) passed away.  

Melanie, we're so sorry you lost such a sweet friend! 

If you don't know about the family we've been following, please click here.  You'll see a HILARIOUS video about their international rat spies.  You'll also see links to their blog & website, where you can learn more about this special family!

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