Day with Edmund (Monday 4 Melanie)

A Special Day with Edmund

Edmund and Melanie decided it would be fun to spend the whole day together.  They had big plans!  They visited a farm, and Edmund bought Melanie a pet pig!  

They didn't even get through half of their plans before Edmund needed a nap.

At first, Melanie was a little disappointed, but she also felt a bit sleepy.  She decided to take a nap, too, and she was grateful to be spending time with her fuzzy friend!!

* Mondays for Melanie is just a silly, fun way to help a special family create awareness about their daughter's syndrome.  Click to this blog post to learn more.


  1. gorgeous post guys, Edmund looks just like my Dougal used to :)

  2. I <3 rattie yawns! :-)


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