Alien Rats (Monday 4 Melanie)

 Alien Rats!

Melanie and Tommy had become good friends with Peter and Edmund.  However, there was always something a little different about those rats!  But they could never pinpoint exactly what it was...

One night, Melanie and Tommy woke up to a strange sound on their farm.  They're very brave kids, so they went out to investigate the noise.  They couldn't believe their eyes!  Peter and Edmund were boarding an alien spaceship!  YES!  A SPACESHIP!  And, their ears looked different.

Tommy & Melanie weren't frightened.  They knew Peter & Edmund must have been good aliens, considering all the fun times they'd had together.  When asked where they were going, Peter and Edmund replied, "our home planet (Rattiedinkus) is in trouble and they need our help right away!!"  They assured the kids that they'd return as soon as possible.  Tommy & Melanie were very sad, but waved goodbye and wished them a safe journey back home.... 

* Mondays for Melanie is just a silly, fun way to help a special family create awareness about their daughter's syndrome.  Click to this blog post to learn more.

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