Goodbye, little buddy

Edmund, our very special little friend has passed away a couple weeks ago.  We miss him, and we can tell that his 2 cage mates are missing him as well.  Rats are very friendly, social little critters.  Edmund was a WONDERFUL pet!  He was always happy to dress up for our photo shoots.  

I've been promising Ringo's we'd create a memorial about Edmund's life.  So, here it is.  There's an interview with Ringo at the very end....  

I interviewed Ringo about his favorite things about Edmund, and his time with us:

1)  What was your favorite thing about Edmund?

How he would let us dress him up in clothes and silly outfits.  He was so cute and he was the best rat.  I liked him because he was a very, very good rat.  

2)  Lots of people don't like rats.  If you had to convince someone to change their minds, what would you tell them about pet rats?

Rats are very clean.  They clean themselves all day long.  You can lift them upside down and their tail will turn round and round, it looks like a helicopter.  They never ever bite.  They are just like a dog because they like to play and chase you, and they know their names.  They are super smart!  Sometimes they chase their tales.  They like to snuggle, but you have to be careful not to squish them.  They like to ride in your pockets. 

3)  What do you miss the most about Edmund?  

I miss dressing him up and taking silly pictures and feeding him yogurt snacks.  I loved to watch him pretend like he was fighting with the other rats.  I loved to watch him snuggle and clean the other rats.  He was always friendly.  He liked to play peekaboo with the blankets.  I loved Christmas day when we let him run around in all the boxes and wrapping paper.  He was so tired at the end of the day and fell asleep in daddy's shoe.  I will miss all that stuff.  I can't wait to see him in heaven.  

4)  What was your favorite dress up/photo shoot experience with Edmund?  Click below if you'd like to see what he's referring to:

When GI Joe wrestled with Edmund:

And the Star Wars one:


  1. I'm so sorry for your loss.

  2. So very sorry for your loss of Edmund. <3

  3. Goodbye Edmund; you was a good rat and I knows you will be greatly missed. Nice work on sleeping in daddy's shoe - it is a very good place to sleep.


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