For Christina

The Rat Whisperer

Once upon a time, there was a lovely young girl named Christina.  She had a unique talent - she could talk to rats!!!  One day, Christina heard a very sad tale about 2 rats, Peter and Edmund, who lived in the forest.  As you may already know, rats are very misunderstood and unappreciated animals.  Peter and Edmund were very lonely.  The other forest creatures often said mean things and refused to play with them.

Christina had a HUGE heart.  After hearing about Peter and Edmund, she immediately decided to search for them.  She wanted to help all the creatures of the forest understand just how special rats really were!

DAY #1:  Because Peter and Edmund assumed everyone disliked them, it took awhile before they let Christina get close, but she eventually made contact:

DAY #2:  Peter and Edmund began to feel safe in Christina's presence.  They even took a nap with her:

DAY #3:  She read them her favorite book:  The Great Ratsby.  The other animals became very curious about Christina.  They wondered why she'd spend so much time with those yucky rats!  Soon, they'd all realize just how wonderful Peter and Edmund really were!

DAY #4:  Christina finally helped the forest animals see how amazing Peter and Edmund were.  Edmund was so happy that he sang a song about how much he loved Christina and how she had made him the happiest rat in the whole world!

DAY #5:  Christina couldn't wait to introduce Peter and Edmund to her big sister, Maggie.  Maggie loved rats, too!  A lifelong friendship was born, and now Maggie and Christina visit Peter and Edmund every single week!

 Here are a couple cute pictures of the REAL Maggie and Christina!  Man, they are some cute kids!

P.S:  Christina, you have one of the best doctors in the world, and he will take great care of you!  You've probably noticed that he's a pretty funny guy.  But did you know that he used to be a wrestler?  It's true!!  Click HERE for a few giggles...


  1. I hope you is telling Edmund what an excellent singer he is. Though I no can hear his actual song, I knows he is singing with all his vocals in that picture! It made Mama have some giggles.

  2. Lori K9:29 PM

    My girls love this. Thank you so much! We love our rats..... They are so sweet! Do any of yours make noises? Mine, sniffy makes little snorting noises. The more excited the higher pitched He's so sweet. Darren the White one with Christina just lets Christina Waller him and never even squeals! They are great first pets!!! How you get them in such good shots though blows my mind!

  3. Anonymous8:13 AM

    Wow! My friend forwarded me a link to this blog. I'm from New York, and I've seen it all here. I've seen dogs dressed up every way imaginable, but I've NEVER seen people dress rats and photograph them in such unusual poses. This is the most creative thing I've seen in ages, how do you get the rats to do this? They must be very good pets, but do most other pet rats have a such a sweet disposition? I also love how you willingly give credit to the person from Flickr. People are so protective of their ideas and/or artwork that they'd never disclose that it was inspired by someone else. That takes a lot of humility, and I've always admired that quality in people.

    I'm going to forward this blog to all of my friends!

    Megan Bishop


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